Our Leadership

Our Heritage

Haji Mumtaz Ali Khan (Late), the founder of Khan Rice Mills, belonged to an agriculturist family and started cultivation of rice paddy on his farms located in the Sheikhura district of Pakistan circa 1958. At the time, no rice husking mills existed in the area so the paddy produced in this area was husked in small rice husking units and it wasn’t until 1960 that fully automatic plants replaced the small units.

A young Shamsad Ali Khan, the eldest son of the family, joined his father after completing his eduction in 1974 as part of the rice growing and processing business. Being well educated, zealous and energetic about his family business, the young scion keenly modernized the rice mills with cutting edge production facilities in a few years’ time. With notable additions such as a german-engineered Automatic Rice Husking Plant and gradual improvements in drying, milling, polishing, processing and grading technologies, the company’s quality and efficiency grew by leaps and bounds.

Over time, Khan Rice Mills also acquired two state-of-the-art Rice Shelling plants which was able to up their production capacities at 20mt/ton per hour. Khan Rice Mills enjoys the unique distinction of being one of the earliest rice exporters of the region, being a key grower, miller, and processor of rice for foreign markets since 1991. Today, the company has rice fields spread out over 72 acres of prime agricultural land, and is home to arguably one of the best qualities of rice the world over. The Sheikhupura-grown Basmati rice are known the world over for their distinctive flavor, aroma, and elongation properties thanks the uniquely suitable rice growing conditions in this particular belt of Pakistan.

Key Management


Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khan (Late)
The pioneering force behind Khan Rice Mills, Mr. Mumtaz initiated the cultivation of Rice Paddy on his farm in 1958 and laid the foundation of quality rice in Muridke, Pakistan.


2Chairman & MD
Mr. Shamshad Ali Khan
A born businessman at heart, who has experience more than 40 years, Shamsad Ali Khan took under his care the management of Khan Rice Mills and was responsible for the consistent business growth in Punjab & Sindh.


3Managing Partner
Mr. Shahzad Ali Khan
As part of the third generation into the family business, Shahzad lends his vision to Khan Rice Mills by virtue of his business education and training and razor-sharp focus on marketing. He is responsible of export marketing, production & administration of KRM Karachi.


4Managing Partner
Mr. Haseeb Ali Khan
The younger half of the third generation, Haseeb Ali Khan joined Khan Rice Mills in 2004. Responsible for procurement of Raw Material, Rice Mill & Rice sheller of Muridke Punjab Pakistan.