Export1Our pursuit of growth and perfection has no end. Even though today we are one of the most favored sources of exported rice throughout the world, we are never complacent, and our mill management is still keen to adopt to the latest technology in rice milling.

Before 1987 all exports of rice in Pakistan were being handled by a semi-government organization under the name of Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan, who had monopoly to purchase rice from any region of Pakistan, including the signature Sheikhupura rice.


However, in 1987 the government finally opened the field for private enterprises and Khan Rice Mills became a key supplier to both the RECP and to the local market. Eventually in 1991, the company decided to enter the export market as a separate entity and there has been no looking back.

Today, the KRM name holds a strong position of trust and value in international markets of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Doha, Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and even Bangladesh. Our annual export is breaking through the 10 million dollar barrier, and we are ever more poised to offer a better quality of rice at competitive rates throughout the world.