Vision & Mission


To be the leading rice exporters from Pakistan by providing high quality of rice, based on 4 decades’ experience of growing, milling and exporting rice.


Mission & Belief

We draw our inspiration from a mammoth gathering of businessmen and traders where Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founding father, expressed that the business community of the newly independent country should work with a missionary spirit so that the word Pakistan itself becomes a testament and mark of quality for everything produced within the nation.

True to this advice, we are working hard to associate the Khan Rice Mills brand with a recognition as the best quality exporters of rice from Pakistan. Khan Rice has faith and firm belief that the commitment to supply the finest quality of life will pay dividends for both our company and our clients. While our export operation had humble roots, with our persistently established reputation of hard work, fair dealings, and effective delivery and time management records, we are now one of the leading export concerns of the nation as a whole and of rice specifically.